What are the Codes?

Fire, Building and Mechanical Codes have existed for many decades in the U.S.  The purpose of these codes is to protect people and property by using a standard approach to construction, fire safety and ventilation.  The collapse of a building in Bangladesh or the explosion at the fertilizer factory in Texas, both resulting in many deaths and injuries and vast property destruction, were preventable and tragic.  Proper use of of Fire, Building and Mechanical Codes could have prevented these events.

Emergency Action Planning

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is an OSHA requirement whether the workplace is an office, warehouse, factory or store.  EAPs are essential for pre-planning and training of employees in case of a fire, weather emergencies, workplace violence, industrial accident or medical event.  The more complex the facility, the more details and training are required so employees take the appropriate action to lesson the risk to life and property.

2012 Fire and Building Codes



Changes are significant in the new iterations of the International Building and Fire Codes, as relates to hazardous materials, which go into effect in the State of Oregon in July 2014.  Contact me if you want to discuss the changes.


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